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So According to the builder my trans has this stuff in it:
99+ hardned input shaft
4r75 planetary
5.4 sun gear
mechanical diode
billet 1-2 accumulator
bonded 2-3 accumulator
8 disc direct
welded direct drum
raybestos clutches
6 forward discs
kevlar intermediate/od bands

Its a 4r70w of course in a 96 gt.

Ive been pushing 440 rwhp to it, no problems at all.

I recall the builder telling me it should be good to 600 ft lb to the tire.

Im just curious if this should handle more and how I should actually take that.

What if I am making 1000 hp but only 600 ft lb of tq...would it be fine still?

What if I make 400 hp but 700 ft lb of tq? Would I really be in trouble?

Im just trying to gauge my next move with the car....
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