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1997 Thunderbird 4.6, 1998 Mark VIII LSC
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I really didn't want to do this but I suppose it's time to think a little about it...

Purchase price: $0
A/C system rebuild: $400
J-mod: $85
Xcal2 and first tune: $260
GT MAF/box/tube: $100
PI intake/installation: $100
PI cams: $50
Trans cooler: $65
HID Projectors: $145
New brakes w/ PBRs: $250
Speakers, sub, amp, head unit: $300
17" Cobra R wheels: $700
Second tune: $100
Exhaust: $550
93 Mark VIII Driveshaft: $90
3.73 TL/pumpkin: $250
ScanGauge II: $100
Upgraded head unit and new sub: $250
GT Converter: $65
New paint, rust repair: $4000
SC/XR7 seats: $100
190 lph fuel pump: $130
Steeda UDPs: $65
10" Converter, Built 2004 trans, 3/8" cooler lines: $2000
FR500 wheel, cruise mod, headlight switch mod: $250
SCT PRP and LaSota manuals: $450
Tbirdbrain (RIP) ported manifolds: $280
Stage 2 heads/cams, misc swap parts: $3000

Adding in consumables like oil, suspension, tires, then other mickey-mouse stuff I've done which isn't up there... something well north of $15k. :facepalm: :eek:

I've been paying for maintenance etc. on the car since about 2008, so let's say I've owned it for 6 years now and put on about 60,000 miles... averaging out to about $200-$250/mo or 28 ¢/mi. Decidedly much less than new car payments AND the car is much more "mine" than a new car would be.

The Cougar had about $2500 in when I sold it, including purchase price and tires/suspension. I had it for about 3 1/2 years and some 45,000 miles, so that's an equivalent payment of about $60/mo or 5 1/2 ¢/mi. :D

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I really haven't spent that much... Although I'm on a budget and this isn't even close to everything just current mods.. (Not including maintenance)

Jmod - $100
PI intake - $100
Cams - free (gift)
Full Exhaust - $250
Underdrives - free (gift)
SCT Flip chip - $70
C&L plenum - $80
CAI - $40
GT MAF and mustang tube - $20
Aluminum carrier 3.73 and TL - $350
Mark 8 TC - $150?? (Can't remember)
Window tint - $100 (needs replacing..)
Lowering springs and install - $450
Speakers - $85
Head unit - free (gift)
Paint job - free (graduation gift ($1300))

And I think that's it! $1795!

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Adding in consumables like oil, suspension, tires, then other mickey-mouse stuff I've done which isn't up there... something well north of $15k. :facepalm: :eek:
I hear that.

I've had tire last one day. not even that long.
over heated -- oil change, Water change. all the same night.

I go threw $100.00 in fuel a night.

Now lets talk about body parts, suspension parts + a ton of sweat!!


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I'm going to try to add as I go on my next build. Which will be soon. Earls old bird is returning back to my possession hopefully within the month.

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Since having the other stuff put on from my last post in this thread, I'm probably somewhere north of $14k deep in this car. I figure I spent around $3000 for the head swap, and another $800 for the torque converter swap. $100 for the trans cooler after it was all said and done. Another $80 in poly sway bar bushings and new end links. Spent another $500 on tires and $300 on the new wheels.

I could have bought a Mustang Cobra for this price....oh well. I never look at my Tbird with the thought of it being an investment.

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1997 Thunderbird 4.6, 1998 Mark VIII LSC
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Hmmm, lots happens in a year, I guess.

Nothing new aside from $1000 in new seat upholstery for the bird since last year, so bring that total to 16k over 7 years or so, meaning about $190/mo.

The Mark VIII... it's <strike>an investment</strike> a money pit, lol.

Purchase price: $2000
Misc. items (bulbs, pulleys, seals): $150
J-mod, fluid change: $100
Radio upgrade: $100
Suspension work: $250
New engine/install: $1700
Winter tires/rims: $500
Fuel pump: $100
Brakes, bearings: $150

So about 5 grand in on that thing now. I've had it for 14 months and have put 30,000 miles on it in that time though, so that works out to about $350/mo. or 17¢/mi. It needs new summer tires and some rust repair, so that'll probably come out to close to $2k... but I honestly don't think anything else (major) will need to be done to it for another 5 years or more. So in theory, by this time next year my "monthly payment" will be down to about $250... and will continue to drop... hopefully to under $100/mo. by the time I have to give the car up. :)

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$160 on an alternator brings me up to $2010. :)
BUMP!!! :D

Need to add to this list.

My grand total right now sits at $4,020 between my last post and what I'm at now.

My suspension thusfar has me spent $1710 and I've just begun my MT parts gathering and that's barely started at just $300.

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Let's see...

$3000 on the car (was a PI swapped 97, Jmodded transmission, 93 Mark VIII one piece drive shaft, 89 SC front and rear sway bars, Eibach 1.5" drop springs, KYB GR-2 shocks, 3.73 TL rear end, Mark VIII rear lower control arms, UD Pulleys, and a BOC chip. 80mm MAF, CAI, front and rear shock bracing, etc. Made 226 at the wheels.

I then bought a set of 18x9" wheels, $500 from ebay. Four General GMax AS-03 tires, $120/tire, so $480. $50 mount/balance.
New brake pads, $40
Oil Filter Relocation kit, from here, I want to say $50?

That led me to blowing the motor because I didn't route the lines well, and rubbed one. So I scrounged around and found a 2003 Explorer engine, $300.

Modular head shop PI bowl ported heads, with Stage 2 PI/NA cams, degreed, with Trick Flow two piece cam gears, $1800.
75mm throttle body, C&L enlarged plenum, $100.

Kooks 1.75" Primary, 3" collector headers, used, mild steel, $500.

All new gaskets, sensors, etc for the entire motor, $200

Engine hoist and stand, $250

Battery tender, $25.

Sony Head unit with bluetooth and four speakers, $300

12" Sub with box, $75

Xcal from ebay, $150.

Tune from Don Lasota, $100
So, including the car, excluding gas/oil/coolant we're at ~$8000.
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Im not gonna try and find all my receipts for the 96 and its been a while so Ill go over the price of the SC.
Bought: $200
Sold the set of 18s that were on it:-$300
Bought a list of parts to repair the engine and rocker rust: $300
Returned the timing kit When I learned the engine already had a new one: -$50
Scrapped the resonator: -$50
Metal bought to fix floor rust: $60
Pieces bought from Mike including seat mounts, rear deck cover, driver window, and SC shocks: Trade
Welder: Free
Welding wire: $40
Wiper assembly from a 95 NA V6 in a junkyard plus full cowl: $45
Assorted gaskets: $50
Assorted bolts, screws, and nuts: $60
NOS OEM sport shocks full set: $150
New ball Joint kit: $175
New strut rod Bushing full set: $60
Lowering springs: parts bin
10in kicker sub woofer, OEM premium sound speakers, 1in tweeters, BOSS audio head unit: parts bin.
Audio connectors: $30
Sand paper, bondo, assorted paints: $90.
Brake line, vacuum brake bleeder, assorted connectors, brake fluid: $100
Radiator fan: $25
Window regulator fix: 3 3/8s nuts
Full fluids: $100
Total cost of saving an SC on its way to scrap: $1085.

Now, parts on the car I didnt have to replace because they were already done.
Full clutch job: $500
Engine rebuild: $1000<
Supercharger rebuild: $500<
Rebuilt/replaced diff: $300
CV axles: $250

Keep in mind, the cars still shitty. The Passenger side is about an 1/8in bondo and thats from before I got it. Its been rear ended and the front bumper is creased from some other accident. Everything else is straight though. And when I am finished the paint job Ill post pictures.

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Not including the parts I purchased for the engine a few years back (I didn't keep an absolute record of what I spent outside of this thread prior to my suspension parts gathering), my total so far sits at $4,314.79. This is not including any applicable taxes and shipping costs as well.
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At this point I have no doubt that I’m in for over $50K.

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Interesting variety of inputs here. I'm at $6700 purchase price for 91 Cougar LS 5.0 in November of 97. Car had 37k miles. Parked in 2006ish with 120k miles due to transmission and some rust issues with hopes of fixing her up. Finally getting to the point I can throw some money towards it. Rear-end was done before the transmission went. $350 to update to TL with 3.73s. $250 on Flowmaster exhaust way back in the day. Head gaskets now so I had the heads worked over. $200. Stereo setup was $500. So about$8k spent prior to the hiatus. Currently have spent $4113.85 on suspension and chassis, including transmission and motor mounts. Covering to rear disk brakes (Cobra), new sway bars lowering springs, shocks, addco sways, Mark LCA swap, all new bushings everywhere. All of the bracing ?. So I'm at $12,113.85 and with motor trans and body, assuming I'll be in for another $20-$25k.
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