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How To Adjust Your HeadLights

If anyone upgrades to higher ouput HeadLights (anything brighter than stock)..

You really should adjust your Headlights properly..

You'll be able to see better at night, and it will help so you don't cause any accidents by blinding oncoming drivers..

Here's some instructions on "How To Adjust Your Headlights"..

(Sticky Found Here):How To Adjust Your Headlights

To adjust your headlights you need to turn the stud that sticks through the support of the retainer connecting your headlights to the header panel.

I recommend this Headlight Adjusting Ratchet for Ford Headlights

Each headlight has 2 studs you can adjust, Left/Right and Up/Down. The stud closer to the inner parking lights or inner highbeams (depending on year) adjusts your Up/Down motion. The studs closer to the outer corner signal lights adjust the Left/Right motion.

Here is what you need to do to aim them Up/Down:
•To aim the headlight beam higher turn the stud clockwise.
•To aim the headlight beam lower turn the stud counter-clockwise.

Here is what you need to do to aim them Left/Right:
•To aim the headlight beam towards the center of the car turn the stud clockwise
•To aim the headlight beam away from the center of the car turn the stud counter-clockwise

1) At night, park the car on a flat surface facing a wall about 10' away. Turn headlights on (LOL).

2) Find the distinct centerline in the headlight beams on the wall. This is created by the design of our headlamps/bulbs.

3) Correctly adjusted, the centerline should be about 26" from the ground, against the wall.

4) Beams should stay fairly much within the left/right fender lines. In other words, the beams shouldn't be spreading out so far that, if you were in the center lane of a 3 lane road, the beams should not cross over the left/right lanes of the center lane you're in.

5) When correctly adjusted, at about 30-40' away from the wall, both headlight beams should converge into one beam.

(Information sourced from the Sticky Found Here):
How To Adjust Your Headlights

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This thread was good for another $100 order.

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ok question some a hole kicked my headlight and broke the nuts or whatever they are called on the back of the housing to hold the lite housing in the frame on a 93 lx are broke so can i just get those nuts or whatever they are called or do i need to buy the hole housing? thanks alan
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