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How to lighten a stock cast iron flywheel

Start with your stock flywheel, In my case, 2.3L Turbo Ford

Its weighs in at 20.5Lbs

Lets see how much weight can be cut off….

Next is to remove the clutch plate alignment pins….

A slide hammer works well

Mount the flywheel upside down, on the flywheel grinder

Start buy cutting the excess cast iron down to the ring gear..

Once that was flush, I weighed the flywheel again, that reduced the weight by .75 lbs (12 oz) now 19.75 lbs

Time to thin the fat from behind the ring gear…

each pass, this machine cuts only .005-.008 off…

the final weight is now 17.75 Lbs

I removed a total of 2.75lbs…. This should help the engine rev a bit faster, with out giving up too much torque..
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