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How to repair a Kirban Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

I had issues with mine pouring fuel from the vacuum line into the intake, ripped diaphragm.

The first thing is to find a replacement diaphragm. I did at

This was the only place that had them after calling several Kirban dealers.

$20 for the part and $9 for shipping I had one.

Now remove the AFPR from the car, and into the shop with it.

A set of allen wrenches is all that is needed, along with the new parts.

Next is to slightly loosen the cover bolts around the top, just a little

Then workings in steps around the cover remove all 6 bolts, so the spring and puck and diaphragm are exposed

The rip in the diaphragm.

Pick up the cap and place the puck then the spring and the new diaphragm on top, then slide all 6 bolts through the cap and diaphragm

now replace the base and align the bolt holes up and squeeze the unit together, so the bolts can be started.

In a star pattern work the 6 bolts down equally
Till the cap is square on the base and all the bolts are snug.

Now your ready to install the AFPR back on the fuel rail.
Make sure to check your fuel pressure setting.
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