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Remove OE seats from car

Disconnect seats from sliding frame rails

Remove cover materials and set aside for pattern

Remove all OE trash from seat frames and discard

Measure seat frames, go to lumber store and buy cheap 3 ply half inch plywood sheeting.
Cut to just overlap and screw to framing with Sheet metal screws.

Go to upholstery supplier and buy 1 inch high density foam and 1 1/2 inch medium density foam to cover the plywood.

Glue hi density foam to plywood, then med density atop that.

Using elect carving knife or foam cutter cut 1 inch wide and 3/4 inch deep groove 3 - 5 inches in from edge of foam. Vary according to preference in looks cause that's all it does.

From same uphostery supplier buy cheap imitation leather and use original for pattern. Buy more expensive imitation leather if upgrading.
If upgrading also go to dollar store and buy cheap pillows, sew two courses through middle and cut between. Install in lower seat back to replicate up-option lumbar bolsters.
To replicate pleating, use flexible foam packing sheet sewn to back side of cover material.

Install and enjoy your good as, or better than, Original Chevrolet seats!


Inspired by thread on Blazer Forum where OP asked which was better: 'Blazer or Jimmy?'

And I replied NEITHER - Bravada! And someone is gonna say there's still no difference.

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