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It's time for me to unfortunately move on a little bit in my life. The wifey's moving in, I lost my job again, and we don't have much room for extra toys and junk laying around. So ... it's time to move the multitude of parts laying around the garage and possibly even the T-bird if the price is right.

Pictures available upon request. Prices are OBO, so they can come down, just don't low ball me completely. I may also update prices as I find paperwork denoting what I originally paid and/or find more parts.

Set of 4 Vogtland springs (new, in box, never installed, 1" drop I believe)
Originally purchased in this group buy: Click here
$150 + shipping or best offer

4 shocks absorbers (all new, in box, never installed)
2 front T-bird sport - $150 + shipping or best offer
2 rear 2003 Cobra convertible - $225 + shipping or best offer
- can be purchased as a package / discounted

1 set of JBA headers (New, in box, never installed)
$125 + shipping or best offer

Ford 4.6L SOHC PI heads
$250 + shipping or best offer

Ford PI intake
$60 + shipping or best offer

Aluminum driveshaft (Lincoln Mark VIII)
$125 + shipping or best offer

4 Ford Thunderbird Supercoupe wheels
$200 ($50 per wheel) + shipping or best offer
Sold as a set only

1 Ford Thunderbird 16" spare (skinny) wheel
$125 + shipping or best offer

4.6L iron block (from 2001 Ford Mustang GT)
No heads, 1 cracked piston, rotating assembly and block should be ok
$200 + shipping or best offer

Tuned by Jerry W. / Inject-Tech in 2003 - never installed
Tuned for: 300 HP level J-modded tranny | 3.27:1 gear ratio (stock) | 180* T-stat | 85mm MAF
Paid $250 , asking $185 + shipping or best offer

1996 Ford Thunderbird
Green exterior / tan interior
128,000 miles (70% highway / 30% city)
+ new transmission at 78,000 miles
+ Transmission cooler (installed with new transmission)
+ Ford Mustang Mach 1 torque converter (with appropriate flexplate)
+ MAC Cold Air Induction
+ Comes with spare/replacement trunk lid
+ Comes with spare/replacement left tail light
+ Comes with spare/replacement rear bumper (factory red color)
+ Comes with spare/replacement front air dam
+ Comes with spare/replacement A/C compressor
- fading paint on roof (need a full body respray anyway)
- 3" crack on dashboard
- non-functioning A/C
- body damage on left side (cracked bumper, tail light, quarter panel, trunk lid)
- no radio / 1 missing speaker

If you have body work skills, you'll be able to turn this car around in no time. All the parts it needs (the trunk, bumper, tail light, and AC compressor) will come with it (but will have to ship separately).

$1,200 or best offer

PM me here on TCCoA or E-mail me with "TCCoA - Parts" as the subject: dvlbrd66 (at) gmail (dot) com
Remember, prices are OBO, so if they sound high to you, make an offer and we'll see if things can be worked out (I'm flexible to a point).

Thank you for your time.

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hey ill send you a pm but im interested in the headers and pi intake and heads.. =)

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Still Have Headers ???

HOW MUCH TO SHIP TO 19030:confused:

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Do you still have the shocks and springs???
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