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is there any body who has done a PI head swap on a 95? could you pm me i need a first hand account.

i know that theres an article on it but its a bit vague.

my buddy told me its more trouble than its worth

i at least i think i know what i need:

romeo pi heads

ported exhaust manifolds

pi intake

What is a 42 pin harness?

dipstick change

pvc valve change?

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You don't need a different dipstick tube. You will, however, need all the 96/97 MN12 top end stuff, such as:
Fuel lines from filter to rail
Throttle cable
Cruise control cable
EGR tube
Air intake tube (MAF to throttle body)
Vacuum harness (may be the same as Mustang)
PCV tube & valve
Crankcase breather tube
DPFE & EVR brackets (unless you are going to make some custom mount for your old ones)

In addition, you can't simply use a different engine harness (the 42-pin harness you mentioned) without some serious wiring changes. You will either have to adapt your 95 engine harness or rewire your 95's computer harness and the donor harness or swap out the computer harness for a 96/97 MN12 computer harness and make a few changes for it to meet with the dash properly. THEN you could just swap the other engine harness.
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