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i fixed my trans with this...

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well i posted early saying my trans was toast it would shudder horribly engaging each gear at low rpm, so i decided to take one last gamble before putting a new tranny in it
i went to autozone and purchused the trans filter and gasket and made a quick stop at Tractor supply center
i bought a 2 gallon container of Tractor transmission/hydraulic fluid for most tractor applications and i proceded in changing the filter and topping the trans off
i put about 100 miles on the car today and it shifted beautifly and never shuddered one time im very pleased and i figured id pass this note along to anyone else in my current situation
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Had you tried mercon 5 fluid before going to the tractor stuff? I don't know what kind of a long term effect using the tractor fluid will have on the trans, but the merc 5 was specifically designed to eliminate shudder on these transmissions, so if it were my car, I would go with that.


PS. If the merc 5 doesn't solve the shudder, you would only need to replace the torque converter, not the whole trans.
well if i was going to drop the trans to even replace the tourqe converter i would have ended up rebuilding the transmission as well in a few thousand miles or so more like next winter i had planned to rebuild the trans and do a pi swap to the car
so this was more like a 1 year fix i suppose the fluid is definitely thicker then mercron 3 no i did not switch to mecron 5 i had changed the fluid one time 5-6k miles ago prolly last year with 75k mile plus fluid to see if that would fix and it didnt help at all

i did notice my trans crossmember bushings were toast so i have to order a set of those as well
Well I hope that works out for you.

I dunno about that. I'm all for tractor fluid in a few transmissions. With non lockup applications it helps with a few things. On a 4r70w I am concerned for your electronics and converter clutch. Shudder can be eliminated 2 different ways. Either get the fluid in it right and the clutch will stop slipping lightly (shudder) or put the wrong fluid in it and the clutch will slip so bad it doesn't shudder anymore.
We get buckets off that stuff at my job from napa, I believe its tractor hidro fluid / auto trans. Ive heard people doing this & that it improved the shifting but I think it runs hotter then ATF???
im happy with it just took it out for a little fun few spurts where i got blown away by a gtp but the car shifts smooth as can be

i dont see why it would run hotter tractor transmissions deal with alot more tourqe then a automotive transmisson
I didn't say it would run hotter. MerconV fluid is highly friction modified semi synthetic fluid. It's coefficient of frictions is completely different from standard atf or hydraulic oil. The only increase in heat I could see would be from extra converter clutch slippage due to fluid that is "slicker" than the normal fluid. If you sample the fluids in your fingertips you will feel the difference. MerconV does taste better as well, until it's burnt. Not as good as antifreeze, but considerably better than brake fluid.
dirtyd0g said:
MerconV does taste better as well, until it's burnt. Not as good as antifreeze, but considerably better than brake fluid.
:uppoint: Ain't that the truth.
Yeah, what the hell is up with brake fluid anyway? That stuff tastes worse than gasoline.

Noooooooooooow I understand why you guys are like you are :eek:
freon taste damn good plus you can get high off the fumes :cool: :D although a nice glass of mercon5 in a wine glass is nice.
i prefer some 5w30 with some metalic flake in it. yummy
And Seafoam keeps you regular.

Darrin said:
Yeah, what the hell is up with brake fluid anyway? That stuff tastes worse than gasoline.


Especially when someone finds your snapple iced tea bottle in the garbage and figures it would be good for holding some dirty old brake fluid, then you see your iced tea sitting on the bench and take a big swig of it only to find out that the light brown liquid in the iced tea bottle isn't iced tea at all. That happened to me a few weeks ago, and it seriously took the entire day and 2 packs of gum to get the taste out of my mouth.
Brake fluid is OK, but you have to dip your cigarete in it then smoke!:tongue:
Just dont get Brake Fluid in your eye! It burns like hell!

No DON'T ask me how I know!

As for brake fluid and battery acid in the eye, I've had both. Neither are pleasant. However, the worst was when I put the seat back in my F150 and the corner of the seat slider punctured a can of bear spray. It's pepper spray like what ladies use for protection but specially formulated for grizzly bears. Holy crap that stuff was nasty! If someone was beating the crap outta me, I don't know that I would use that stuff against him just because of how terribly horridly nasty that stuff is. On the subject of tractor hydraulic fluid, I'm all for it. The guys on the turbomustangs forum have used the John Deere HyGard fluid with great results. Gear shifts are snappier and it helps keep the clutches/bands from burning up. It would seem that at least that particular hydraulic fluid is substantially less slick than Dexron III.
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