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I am 99.9% sure that the cougar is going to get sold, I am tired of worrying about 2 cars, I'm tired of working on it, I'm tired of the car in general. I want to have some fun while I'm in college, selling the cougar will allow me to almost pay off my lightning. I just feel like its time to move on to something new :D

Since its so heavily modified, its kinda hard to come up with a I figured I would has you guys.. :D

I threw together a list of what all Is done to it...

1991 XR7 5.0 cougar
105,000 miles on the body
Maroon in color

10k miles, all miles after break-in have seen mobile one
Block: fully machine (deck squared, line honed, balanced)
ARP wave lock rod bolts
ARP main Studs
FMS oil pump with hardened ARP shaft
Crane cams double roller Timing chain
FMS f-303 cam shaft
Stock replacement harmonic balancer

Ported E7te castings
Multi-angle valve job
Milled to 58cc chambers
TFS double valve springs
TFS chromoly locks and retainers
Teflon valve stem seals
ARP head bolts

FMS cobra upper and lower intake manifolds
FMS 65mm throttle body
SN95 70mm air meter with custom cold air intake and K&N filter

MAC 1 1/2" primary shorty headers (chrome)
Off-road Downtubes and H-pipe (2 1/2" custom)
2 1/2" flowmaster 2 chamber mufflers, dumped (custom)

Cooling system
Pep-boys 3-core radiator
New water pump
New hoses

Fuel system
BBK 190lph in-tank fuel pump
flow-matched 19lb injectors

Drive Line
20k mile ford AOD trans (comes with a spare 80k mile AOD)
20,000 trans cooler
Trans-go street/strip shift kit
TCI 3500 stall lock-up torque converter
FMS aluminum center section with 4.30 gears, and extra clutches in the trac lock (polly mount bushings)
99 cobra halfshafts (comes with 2 spare halfshafts)

Appearence, suspension, etc...
Eibach pro-kit lowering springs
Air bags in both of the rear springs
New rear hubs/spindles/wheel bearings
New Nitto 450 performance tires (255/50/16 front)
New Nitto 555r drag radials (255/50/16 rear)
Stock 7-spoke XR7 wheels painted black
Autometer Phantom water temp and oil pressure gauges
Pro-form shift light
30% tinted windows
Crane HI-2000 ignition
Crane fireball coil
FMS 9mm plug wires
New cap/rotor
New alternator
Battery relocated to the trunk in NHRA legal box with battery cut of switch
A/C and Smog pump (and equipment) removed
New Front upper control arms and ball joints
New front suspension bushings

The body is in decent shape, it looks very good just looking at it, It needs a new driver side rocker panel (rust). The interior is DECENT, the dashboard has a dent in it and some cracks around the dent, but besides that the interior looks great (power seats still work, etc..)
It needs some minor work, but its a good car, runs 13.60's all day long in the 1/4 mile. 253rwhp 282rwtq (with dyno sheets to prove numbers)

I want to advertise for $4000, But If I can't get $3500 at least out of it, I won't sell it...
what do you guys think its worth?

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you should be able to get $3500 for it. but if i were you i wouldnt purchase a new car until the lightning is paid off. its just not worth it. i have come to find out that cars are just a bad investment.. PERIOD.. no matter what car you get you will invest money into it some how. may as well keep something thats paid for and ride it until the wheels fall off. you will thank me for this advice some day down the line. :)

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I am selling the cougar TO pay the lightning off, that way I will have ONE car, no car payments etc...

I love the cougar, its my pride and joy, but I really don't have time/room for it right now.

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Post up some pictures, I know someone who might want it. ;)
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