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A few months ago I went to start my 95, 4.6 bird. It went to 2000 and died. After several attempts I was able to keep it running with the pedal, but still surging to 2000 and back. All the way home the car would buck as the motor would try to rev and die at any rpm.

I ended up unpluging the IAC and adjusting the throttle stop and it would run ok, just no idle compensation for cold starts and a/c cycling, but it would run.

Today I bought a new IAC and installed it. At the same time I cleaned the MAF, throttle body, checked for any vac. leaks, disconnected the batt., and set the idle stop and TPS voltage to the correct .99 volt setting.

The car runs the same as it did when I had the IAC unplugged. No cold idle up, no compensation for a/c. It idles smooth, but the IAC is not working. I am getting almost 14 volts on both IAC wires when the car is running, when the red should be almost 14 and the white around 10-11.

I took the new IAC off and cranked the car to see if the port holes were plugged, but they are not. The car would start, suck air, and die.

Now what? Am I missing something, is the new IAC bad, or should I go to Ford and let them check it.

For a car that just turned 80,000, I have spent, or need to spend, more money on this thing in the short time I have owned it than my pickup and van together. Pickup owned 12 years, van owned almost 8 years, each with lots more than 80,000 miles.

I like the ride, drive, and power of the t-bird. It is very quiet and fits me good, but it is not a well built car.
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