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well i just finnished swapping a m5r2 into my 1992 5.0 sport. just waiting to see who has some little parts i need to finnish it. next, long tube headers new exhaust.

i've been searching for the past few hours, reading over somethings. now i want to run longtube, i seen awhile ago (can't find it again) somebody was using mac headers. i dont want to beat my floor pan either and i've got no problem doing the stearing shaft mod.

So, do they change the part numbers at all? if so, would anybody have a clue what it would be? and where would be the best place to order them?

Next, now since i would like to run longtube headers i'll have to redo the exhaust.
i've seen a few topics about it and it makes me wonder if it's worth it in the end

Well so i thinking if it'd be easier to just do your own. i'm pretty good at welding as is my friend. i want to run a 2 in 2 out muffler so would it still be a good idea to run an x-pipe? plus, i'd like the best one the runs the least restrictions.

any help and input would be thankful. Thanks, Anthony.
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