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Need help Identifying/sourcing wire harness fasteners

HI all, I'm a new member. Sorry if this question has prior posted and answered.

Anyway I have a 95 T-bird, and I have been (thanks to this forum) being doing a firewall forward AC replacement. It's been a fairly involved process, including replacing Aux trans cooler lines, installing new condenser,accumulator and compressor, and while it was apart I rebuilt the Alternator. Things have gone pretty well, in getting as much OEM parts as possible. Nothing to difficult so far other than sourcing original parts, and here is where I could use some help. I'm trying to cleanup and restore the old sleeving and fasteners for the wiring harness.

I'm looking for OEM or commercial equivalent for the following fasteners:
-Stud mount push on cable Ties, comes out the front side of the engine, behind distributor and running down to AC compressor
-Radiator support (pushing) fasteners to hold harness support seems to be at least three kind used.

I will try to post pictures to give better detail.

Thanks for patience and any help!
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