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Hey all I need some help from the gang in Louisania.
I'm moving and I need to know if the state is an emissions testing state or not. I'm coming from Iowa and the car is currently NOT emissions legal (BIG cams,big ports,big valves,big injectors,no third cat). Also are there noise laws regarding exhaust noise(I have quite a bit of good sounding exhaust noise).
The car is a 95 cougar 4.6 V8 sohc that is stroked and poked to 5.2 liters thanks to ModMax/Propower.
The cats are still there but the last one where it all Y's together had to go a DrGas X pipe sits in it's place.
The car runs high 13's with the highway gears in place.
Other ??? what are the roads like I have an Eibach lowering kit in the car and Koni's, and I don't want to tear stuff up if there are potholes and expansion joints galore.
Also what would cause a sudden and dramatic loss of MPG? I used to get around 30 on the highway now it's more like 15 or 20 if I baby it. No check engine light but it runs really rough sometimes too.
Thanks much any help given is thanks in advance.
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