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Anyone ever go here or is currently attending?

I seen at least 9 tbirds in the parking lots, one with a 7" raised wing!!!!UGLY

I helped my buddy move in today and got a good look at the campus and Im glad I didnt go, the place is full of "white trash", "thug wanna bes", "player wanna bes" and just about every hot chick had a cig in her mouth (kinda a turn off).

I thought that you had to be smart to get in, but then I found out that practically anyone can get in if you have $5000 a year. I guess that is why the graduation success rate is only 50%, sad huh. He also got put in a room with an ok guy, but he was susposed to have his own room, 5 guys, 5 rooms in suite, Only 4 used. He got put in the 2 person one, but the guy he is rooming with seems ok.

We drove around for a while and found this one place that rents boats and we were gonna rent one next weekend, Regular price $93.00, my price $43.00 (firefigher discount) We were gonna ask them if they wanted to go (ice breaker). its a huge boat, might as well get use out of it.
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