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Innovators west 18% dampner 8rib

Mod Motor Ford - 8-Rib Drive - 18% Overdrive

The 18% overdrive dampner generally requires the use of an aftermarket water pump in some applications. Clearance of 4.140" from the center of the crank is needed. A remote mount pump, electric pump or electric pump with small diameter idler (Meziere WP347) is suggested.

The "Mod Motor" dampners are designed to fit 4.6L 2V, 3V and 4V motors as well as 5.4L 2V motors.

Weight - 8.4#
Diameter - 7.75"

it was only used for a short time on a nmra renagade car.

they sell new for $475, make me an offer on this one.
please email me at [email protected] if interested.

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