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would it most likely be my grounds or would the 12v constant wire I have running next to the RCA's in my car cause it?

I have 2 grounds, one of which is the hood pin switch that I don't have hooked up. The main ground I have wired to where the factory ground harness located behind the driver kick panel. I just loosened the screw and stuck the wire between the head of the screw and the ring connect attached to the factory ground harness. That good enough?

Then since the main lock is on passenger side, I have my relays over there in the kick panel. I have the 12v constant (18 ga. wire) running along side my RCA's from the kick panel to my 12v constant hooked up to my HU. Would this be enough to cause alt whine?

Come to think of it, my "brain" of my alarm is behind my dash less than 12" from my HU. Could this cause inteference?

thanks for any help.
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