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Intake CARB Approved ???

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In the state of texas, any engine mods, such as headers and Intakes have to be C.A.R.B. Approved, wel at east thats what the inspection garage told me... Is there anyway to get the so called "CARB" sticker or anyway around this ???
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California was the first smog nazi state and set the standards of the California Air and Resource Board. I heard of other states converting over to california emissions years ago or at least starting to convert. I guess they moved onto texas which means ALL modifications need a lil plaque/sticker/and-or label on it with the capital letters CARB Exempt and it will have a set of numbers or code on it. They sell carb exempt intakes with the plaques on them but thats why they go for $250+ on ebay rather than a cheap $30 intake like the one i have on my car.

Swap over the oem parts for inspection....only way to pass, sorry.

Thats why i didnt put long tube headers or any wild modifications with the pi motor i put in. Ive been talking to an old buddy of mine who is EPA/ARB certified and says i should have no problem passing smog as long as i go to a gas station or family smog shop and bring my old 4.6L plaque so they dont question the "running horse" plaque on my plenum.
give it time....i know for a fact that in the no too distant future, all states will run cali smog standards.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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