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I have a Dorman NPI with aluminum crossover(has gaskets but you should get new ones) intake for sale. $125 shipped

I also have a 4r70w trans from a 96 Sport (4.6l). It was in my car when I bought it, I just took out the TCC and swapped it into my jmodded 02 Crown Vic transmission. The previous owner told me that they just had it rebuilt and they put on an aftermarket cooler. It does have writing on the bellhousing like it was rebuilt. I never got it over like 30 MPH because the engine was knocking, but it did shift fine, just not with that Jmod flair ;). Make an offer on this if interested, I am just keeping it for a spare unless someone buys it for an OK price.

96 Sport brake calipers, rotors, brackets, and pads. Make offer.

I also have a full set of 94-5 tail lights for sale, they have dust in them, they light up probably 50% and intermittently they dont turn on. Make offer.

I also have stock engine parts from a 96 Sport. This engine is going to be gone soon, but has NPI heads on it so let me know.

I will also have some tinted side windows taken out soon for sale, if interested make offer. I have a 5% tinted rear glass I can remove if someone can let me know how to ship it, lol. I also have 20% side windows from a 94. Make offer.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts