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I heard about this tool watching the advertorial "hotrod garage" youtube clips (from the Roadkill guys) and thought i should pass it on.

Apparently, to help folks dropping their transmissions in all sorts of cars, Tremec makes a toolbox app that includes a driveline angle measurer, a vehicle speed calc, and rpm calc, and a tire size calculators.

Although the driveline angle measuring tool seemed the most uniquely interesting for folks who are trying to swap engines+transmissions into cars that never had that engine in there before, most of the swaps on TCCOA won't have this issue (vs. say trying to stuff a 5.0 and trans into an e30 and relying on the e30's rear end).

On here, i suspect the speed, rpm, and tire size calcs will be the most interesting so I thought I should pass it on.

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