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This is an interesting talk about what Subaru is doing with their new cars. I'm sure many know about it, but there are probably many more that don't. Also, what is the general consensus on "brake-by-wire"? I do not see that as being a good idea since I have had wires disconnect that lead to the brake lights, etc. I'm sure they would have a lot of precautions, but for some reason, it doesn't seem right to me:

This link is interesting. Imagine the impact that it could have on our society (and the world). Again, I am sure this may have been discussed, but I remember seeing a special on the Science channel a long time ago about it and haven't heard about it since:

I know that this technology is research mainly, but I think that it is really interesting and can/will have a great impact on how the future plays out. If the oil technology pans out, do you think that the car industries will have any reason to switch to cleaner burning fuels? Imagine what would happen to countries that depend on our excessive oil consumption for funding (although the money is kept within a general few). Any comments?

- Stephen
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