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I recently removed my IRS in the course of modifying the car.
If you are reading this you know how I got the IRS out of the car.
These are the parts I fabricated to put the car back together.
1 set 1/8 index plates for templates
1 set 1/4 plate Index plates
1 set 3/16 sheet front IRS saddles, formed (pair) and punched for center bolt and plug welds to frame
1 set (pair) 3/16 sheet rear IRS saddles, formed and punched for center bolt and plug welds.
On the milling machine, we cut a shoulder into the 1/2x13 nut to make it self center. Then welded the Crimp Nuts to the index plates, and tacking them into the frame cutouts.
We formed the saddles, cutting with a shear and punching with a Geka machine. Once everything was aligned, the saddles were welded to the frame, and then plug welded to the index plates.
A bit of grinding, primer and paint.

I did spend about 20 hours welding up the IRS for strength. I am aware that Pinion braces and torsion braces are available. I don't want to add weight or expense, welding made good sense.



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Interesting. You are doing serious stuff. Neat!
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