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J-Mod new valve body

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Trying to keep up here.

Suppose I buy a used 1999 or later 4R70W Valve Body. Do all of the J-Mod work to that body and plate. Drop my existing body & plate from my 1994 Trans. Do the piston/spring work needed there. Bolt it all up.

I know I will not have the mechanical diode and I may have to change the pinout on the connector but otherwise will this be a viable option?

What drawbacks are there to this approach?
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Depends how much you can get one for.
New at the dealer is almost $300 last time I checked, + the extra parts.

It will ends up costing alot more to get all of the good parts seperately unless youre building for a high horsepower or special application.

Its more cost effective to buy a whole transmission with the good stuff already in it.

I would J-mod the 94 VB, you cant do too hard of a shift without the mechanial diode, and it will fail eventually.
Thats just my take on it.

- Dan
Thanks Dan,

I think I can get one for peanuts.
Won't work without a fix for the different size locator pins.

Are the VB alignment Dowels still available ??

Also will need a 96+ EPC hold down bracket.

- Dan
A used one went on ebay for under $10 - Under $20 with shipping.
If that was from the place in Florida that I think it was then good luck with those. I bought a bunch from them to use as cores and got the most messed up, rusted plate, nasty, damaged assortment of truck valve bodies that I have ever seen. I bought 10 and used 2. The rest were junk.

A truck valve body is different from a car valve body. You NEED a car valve body unless you like weird shifts and a valve body that you cannot j-mod. Most recycling places don't know the difference.

Beware of used ebay valve bodies. Make sure you know EXACTLY what you are getting.

Good Advice
I agree
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