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J-Mod, Rebuild, or New 4r70w?

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I bought my car in Feb 2002 with 71K on it. Its got over 75K on it now and it hasn't even had a tranny cooler put on it. My question is. I plan to do something about the tranny within the next year and I have engine HP goals of about 300-400rwhp. Would you guys recommend J-Modding the tranny like it is and leave the internals alone? Should I look into rebuilding it? Or should I keep Dan N in mind about ordering a new tranny altogether?
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When rebuilding the transmission you could use all updated parts, and install more clutch packs. If you use an updated main control you might need a chip (or EEC re-burn) to make the transmission work.
The problem is, its the only car I've got. And I don't erally have the time or the funds in the near future to dro pthe tranny and rebuild it before I leave for college at the end of August. But I might be able to do a J-Mod and maybe a TC. But would that be doing more harm than good?
Talk to some Street rodders

they will point you to the best tranny shop in town.
I had 124K on my trans B4 I bought an ArtCarr unit with custom TC.
First thing is first put a cooler on it the ford one blows chunks.
After talking to the Street Rodders(who by nature of their cars are picky as hell) call the shop and set up an appointment to have the tranny checked out(the best part is you get new tranny fluid and at my shop a TC flush as well).
The shop guy will tell you if(how much) metal there is in the pan ( a little bit is OK quarter sized piles is not OK and wil require a rebuild/replace in a years time or less depending on how you drive and how many miles you put on the car.
No matter what STAY AWAY FROM AAMCO and commercial tranny places they like to screw folks as bad as dealerships do.
If you don't have Old School Street Rodders in town check with the Import kids to see where they get their work done failing that the Lowriders have to have service too.
It would be worth your while to E-mail or call Dennis Reinhart ( If he is still offering tranny's this would be the way to go. I dont know the price for sure so I am not going to quote it here but compared to the full rebuild (pre jerry's thesis) I just did not too long ago I would just get one from him if I had it to do over again.

My car is in the middle of a tranny rebuild/J-mod right now. It only has 60k miles on the car, with 50k or so with full upgraded exhaust(few extra horsies). I was shocked, ok mildly surprised, at the amount of wear on the parts. Even the guy doing the rebuild was surprised to see that much wear on a tranny with on 60k on it. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend either the new or rebuilt, and not just the J-mod. Especially with 75k on it...

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