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what day are you able to attend.

january meet pick a date....

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just pick the date you CAN make. whatever day with the most can do will be the day we go.
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I'm going with the 6th... its the only day I can easily make it, but I might be able to squeeze something else in if work likes me.

Okay..........I voted for the 27th.
I voted for 27th, I might be able to do 13th as well, depends on what day the club guys go up to the Indy 1500 (Sunday is when you can get some of the best deals anyway).
Hmm I voted for the 13th because at that time I didn;t have anythign going in January but now I may have to help the gf move out to Albany that weekend so that may now be bad for me.

I voted for the 13th, but any saturday will be ok with me:)
voted the 13th, the only day i cant come is the 27th like i posted in the other thread
originally posted by Bakstoy
I voted for the 13th, but any saturday will be ok with me
:zwthstpd: as of now i'll be good for any saturday, but the sooner the better
I want to go but can not pick a date. I will not know what day I will be availible, because I can not predict the weather. If there is no snow in Northern Wisconsin, I will be at the meet. If there is snow, I will be sleddin' Up North. Just pick a date and I should know if I will be around the Mon. or Tues. before the meet.
what time and where would it be?
so can we nail a date already? still voting the 13th
I'm up for it. Lets get drunk =)

A real meeting to discuss future meetings or chat is fine.

If you intend to get ****faced and make an *** of yourself and drive drunk..I'm out.
I didn't vote because any date will work for me.
that is not the intended idea i dont condone drunk driving either , one or 2 wont hurt ya though unless your a real lightweight :)
Why drive up to Chicagoland to get drunk? The booze is much cheaper down here in "the south".
Have we ever had a meeting when we discuss future events?? =)
no not really at least not latley
no because when i asked people to bring ideas to any of the events i organized no one did. so thats why i basicly gave up on it. no one wants to do anything they just want to sit behind their keyboard and bich about everything and anything.
when things do get setup no one goes and then all the excuses come out. i see that 6 people (Bakstoy, Blown306, jk89cat, miller1995, VicRattlehead, XR7-4.6) have voted for the 13th, now i bet that half dont show.
Keith - Don't be so negative, everyone on that list has a good reputation of showing up for meets. Except for maybe that rattlehead guy, his car is never running ....

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