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The Joel Bender Memorial Nationals - SB 11 - 2012 will be scheduled for August 24-26, 2012.

The event will be held in Martinsburg, WV as usual with the racing venue in Hagerstown MD at Mason Dixon Dragway.

A complete itinerary will be provided soon for the proposed scheduling. Be assured that we will still be having the cruise, car show, picnic and awards ceremony as well as some sort of drag racing event/venue. I am still working on the possibility of holding a half day private track rental, dependant on pre-registration and participation.

We also will be holding our annual "Meet and Greet" get together on that Friday evening!!!!!!!

I'll also be looking into reduced rate rooms as usual. If you are interested in coming and are looking to share a room with folks to make it more afFORDable, make it known. That information will be posted later as well.

Further event information will be provided in a couple weeks. There will also be more information listed on our website under the Club events on

Anyone willing to sponsor or help out in any way can also contact me at my email address. [email protected]

I'm looking forward to a great turnout again this year.

Come join us and have some late summer fun.
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