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Joel Bender Memorial Nats (SB 6) 2007

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The Joel Bender Memorial Nats (SB 6) will be held August 18-19th, 2007.

We will be holding the Car show/Picnic on Saturday the 18th.

Arrangements have already been made for the pavillion although I am looking into possibly having it at another location this year as something different. Further information will be passed along on this later.

The RACING venue will take place on Sunday the 19th at Mason Dixion Dragway at their annual Ford Event. The Track will sponsor its own SHOW EVENT as they have in the past. We will have our own race class again this year.

Everyone plan this on their upcoming schedule for 2007. Lets see if we can top 2006!!!!!

Further information will be posted as it becomes available and as we progress toward the event.

Futher information will be posted here or on our site at , Calendar of events thread.

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I'm gonna go to either this one or the carlisle event. I gotta talk with the g/f.
It's on the calendar and we will RUN
I'll definatly be there and hopefully runnin this year.
I've got the information and registration for use of the pavillion. So we are heading toward another great event.

Look forward to seeing everyone there. :)
Taking that Friday and Monday off at work. ;)
i'll be there, no matter what i'm driving :D
I will be there come hell or high water.
I will be there, looking fiorward to see what the bird will run!
then you might want to come down to rockingham or fayetteville before going up there. :D
then you might want to come down to rockingham or fayetteville before going up there. :D
Now aint that the truth. Wish I had Rockingham that close to me LOL!!!:D

Hope to see everyone here.
We have Friday and Monday off and several others of the 15 cars that attended the Auto fair are thinking about being there we told them how great it was last year.

I'm looking forward to it Rick. Sounds like you all had a great event at Auto Fair. Sorry I was unable to make it down this year.

Bring as many as you can. I hope to have at least as good a turnout or even better this year.

Look forward to meeting some of the new folks as well. We have a little something for everyone.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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