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Just gotta spew my guts out....
Got mail from JSP America...

Had to get a quote on a miniscorpion wing
and the first mail said $50 for shipping...
Then when I was ready to order, they suddenly said
that: Oh we made a mistake... US Postal Service
won't ship it 'cause it's to big...
We've got to use UPS... Shipping cost <b>OVER $250!!!!</b>
Okey... Sh*t happens... perhaps they made a misstake...
I thought....

Went in to USPS site and checked...
Something that weighs 35 pounds (a bit more than a wing!)
and has the max lenght of 79" (wing is 55.5" so with a box it should fit)
and 108" girth (Don't really know how to use this word) but it's around the whole thing....

$128.... THAT'S HALF OF WHAT THEY WANTED..... And it's possible to use USPS!
AND EXPRESS! Takes something like 2-3 days for it to arrive!!!

Feels a bit like a rip off actually...
Guess they didn't think I'd kow where to check...
Just 'cause I don't live in the US....
That sux!

Of course... I could be wrong but why would USPS state that it would
cost me $128 and JSP America over $250??

Enough with my complaint...
Just had to vent!..

Have a nice day/night....

//Per A

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Jsp America

Ok, I see you are in Stockholm Sweden and I am assuming you are in the Military. if so I bet your shipping address is an apo, ae address. That is the equivilant of a PO Box. They are right that the wing is too big to go postal, and the apo, ae address will not accept ups. I bet the $250 they wanna bill you is ups international to you in Sweden. If thats not right than sorry, I'm just guessing anyway. If they still give you crap please call me, I work customer service for a company that deals with JSP, if your order is through them theres not much I can do, but if you have not ordered yet call me and we'll see what we can work out. I can prolly give you a good deal for having good taste in cars.

800-894-5450 x9311

My name is Tim

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Nope... Been there, done that.. :)
I Sweden you can't choose, you've just gotta do it...
Not that bad though... I grew up there....
Makes men out of boys or something like that.... :)

Nope... Not a PO Box....
I've got an apartment that everything is shipped to
so i shouldn't be that either...

But you're right about one thing...
They wanted to ship it with UPS International...

I'm probably wrong as h*ll but when I checked the USPS site
I found out that a package that is 77" long and 108 girth... (Still think that
they mean "around" the package) and weighed 35 pounds it would cost me 128...
What is it I don't understand about that... ?

I haven't ordered it yet 'cause they wanted a moneyorder and they wouldn't tell
me who to put it out to... Well actually they did when they changed the shipping rate...:)

The problem is that I can't call you 'cause you've got one of those free of charge
numbers... They only work in the states...
What's your company called?
Do you've got a site?
It would be great if you could help me...

Thanks a lot!

/Per A

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My Company

Go to

Thats the company I work for. E-mail me at [email protected]

Its easier given time zones and calling international rates. I'm out of work today or I'd look at the pricing of the wing. Now the apartment that this will be shipped to, it's in Sweden I'm assuming. E-mail me your address and I'll have my shipping director look into the possible carriers and rates and we can see whats cheapest or fastest. if you wanna send to my personal e-mail its [email protected]

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