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Pulled a bunch of random parts from dads old shop. Mom didnt want it, so if anybody wants anything on the list a PM is welcome.
I have:
A Teksid block, bare
A set of PI cams
2 sets of NPI cams,
a stock 94-95 MAF Housing, a 70mm and an 80mm housing as well.
2 RF-F5AE-6090-B22A NPI heads
a 06090283 oil pump assembly(with the pipe), a 06090281 oil pump(looks stock)
2 06090332 "Cobra" Oil pumps
(Probably worth nothing since they have no gears in them.)
a second gen Eaton M90 that needs a plenium and a rebuild
a 96+NPI crankshaft
94 Mark Viii driveshaft
and a set of OEM Hyper Pistons for a PI motor.

All i could pull from the shop, really. Everything else was too oxidized.

I also have a full set of 2nd Gen SC wheels in fair condition with 235/60/16 tires that have 75%-80% tread, about 8 center caps with the bird still perfect in them.

I know this is kinda a useless crap thread, but in case anyone wants any of this, here it is.
Ya never know. Plus, i have a coyote project to fund. :D
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