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Hi All,
I tried my friend "search" but didn't see my car's symptoms. My car is a 1995 Bird 3.8 55,000 miles, 4R70W AT, Mercon V added 2 years ago at 45,000. Car's been in the family since new, with no problems until today.

First thing today my remote start didn't on it's first try but did on second. That has only happened b4 first thing next morning after cold nights. Not cold. Then, she revved to 3300 in 1st and I had to let up on accel before she'd upshift from 1st to 2nd. (Letting completely off didn't help ) In reading the threads that seemed related this was diagnosed as a "clutch" problem but then they went on to talk about TC(?) and lost me. I read most of Jerry's J-mod article and I was saving up for the J-Mod ( nope, don't trust myself) and a tranny cooler (on that I do) and it should have been done.

Here is what I can add and wonder if it means anything. When I manually rowed from 1 to 2 she shifted fine but problem now appeared between the 2-3 shift and rowing from 2-D did not take me into 3rd. It would go to 4th(OD) with feathering of accel every time. Naturally, I was in heavy traffic and hit every red light!

I am going to take it in but would like your help in diagnosing the problem so I don't go in there completely ignorant and a ballpark idea on price if you can so I don't walk out of there hosed. Appreciate it.

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