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Another reason to love the MN12.

I mannaged to get two of my good friends to like the thunderbird.

I must explain that they are both pretty diehard import guys, (they like SOME american stuff) and the one guy HATES ford with a passion.

I've taken them both out cruising and of course being as both of the MN12's i've had are 3.8L, they werent too impressed with the acceleration. However I sold them in the turns.

Example: Awhile back, there was an Toyota MR2 meet here (mid engine rwd sports car, for those that don't know) and we went back into some of the twisties. After a little while we pulled into a gas station, and the guy that was in front of me was pissed "how the hell did a ford keep up with me?" were the first words out of his mouth. In all of the turns i could stand my ground in the t-bird, however i did get smashed in the straights lol. What confused everyone even more than the car being able to handle, I told them how much it weighs.....i'm still trying to get them to believe it.

Thats my story, does anybody else have stories that they had their t-bird defy peoples expectations, or surprise them. Any generally fun stories are welcome too!:D
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