Hey all, I have a gold (champagne) 1996 V8 Bird with tan interior. I need to pass this on to another enthusiast.

It has been sitting for a couple years and it appears the fuel pump needs to be replaced. Brakes are rusted, probably needs them to be fully rebuilt.

It has an aftermarket sunroof. It has been leaking a bit so the liner is stained.

It has an add-on tuner chip and ran great, but the chip started flaking. Without the chip, there was some torque converter shudder.

Pretty much stock besides replica Cobra wheels, some parts to dress up the engine bay, and air box delete with a K&N.

This is a car to restore and it’s not going to be a daily driver without some work. You will need to have it towed or trailer it yourself because you’re not going to be able to make it road worthy in my driveway.

Low mileage, under 100K. Free and clear title, not salvage, no wrecks and very minimal paint scratches and scuffs as far as I can recall. It’s dirty (from sitting under hickory trees) and it’s cold AF right now, so I don’t have pictures or exact details right now. But if you are interested, I can share whatever.

If you love these cars and you want to rescue this car as a project, please reach out. I’ll entertain offers, otherwise it’s probably going to salvage yard.

If you are looking for a parts car, this isn’t for you.

Edit: V8 engine