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Thomas Aden has invited us to attend again this year.
Michele & I are considering going. if anyone elase is interested in caravaning along let us know.
Heres his e-mail, with links to the events. Thomas Aden

Hey guys, what's going on? This is Thomas from Nebraska. I was just wondering if any of you were planning on coming out to Kearney. I was going to if anyone was driving all the way from Colorado. Otherwise I might pass this year as I have already taken a number of days off from work. We had a really good time last year, and would like to meet/see some of you guys agian this year. If you plan on coming, let me know and I'll be sure and show up.

The track at Kearney is having a test and tune that day with a gamblers race in the evening. They just resurfaced thier track and it is supposed to be pretty decent.

The schedule for the weekend is a huge car show on Saturday, cruise on Sat. nigh, and bracket racing on Sunday. I plan on checking out the car show in the morning, and then heading to the track to get some passes in. Should be a good time.

Here is the hotel that we stayed at last year. It was a decent place in a good location. About the cheapest in town:

Show & cruise night
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