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Here's some suggestions off the top of my head................

1. Remove air silencer / clean MAF sensor with MAF spray cleaner
2. Find a RichardM air intake tube or equivalent, and install.
3. Install a 96 or newer tranny fluid pan and filter.
4. Switch over to Mercon V tranny fluid, and install an auxillary tranny cooler.
5. Have the J-Mod done to your tranny.
6. Get a chip from Lonnie at SCT (switch over to cooler plugs and T-stat at this time)
7. Get a Lightning Maf sensor to go with the chip.
8. Install T-Bird Sport springs (spring codes JJJJ or JJEE) , or get some Vogtland 1" drop lowering springs
9. Brake caliper upgrades - many choices.
10. Get an aluminum driveshaft from a 93 Mark8
11. Drain old anti-freeze out and replace with fresh anti-freeze.
12. Go to a junkyard and buy a 97 T-bird center console cover with AC tube, and install.
13. Buy some metal polish and extra fine sandpaper, and clean the yellow crap off of your headlights. Or, send them to BigMike
14. Replace existing headlight bulbs with silverstars.
15. Inspect condition of 3rd brake light bulbs and sockets. If heat damaged, replace with #168 bulbs.
16. Inspect condition of overhead map light bulbs and reflectors. If heat damaged, replace with #168 bulbs.
17. Consider replacing engine with one from a Ford Explorer (2000 or newer? - I think) EDIT: 2002 or newer

Details on all of these ideas can be found by doing searches on the subject.

Visit the Ford Parts Counter forum, and jot down Jason's contact info. He has the best prices on Ford OEM parts.

Also, I can send you a copy of the 95 Ford service CD for free - just PM me with address.

I also have the Helm's (Ford) Shop manual in book form, which you can buy from me for $20 plus shipping. (They are $80 new)

Welcome to TCCoA - and good luck with the car !

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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