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after a very long day of thinking and searching...I have come to the decision to sell both birds. The thing is, with how much $$$$ I have invested in mine, I cannot use KBB or NADA for a realistic asking price. It will most likely end up on e-bay or autotrader.

The specs:
2004 4.6 block bored .020
Diamond forged pistons (9.3:1 CR)
Manley "I" beam rods
Cobra crank
PI heads and cams
90mm LMAF
SCT tuned
98 MK VIII tranny built up and J-modded
custom 1 piece aluminum drive shaft
3200ish stall TC by Dirtyd0g
3.73TL rear
17x9 Cobra Rs with 255-50s
102K miles on chasis, 12K miles on rebuilt trans, engine, and TC.
Leather rips, etc.
13" rotors and dual piston PBR calipers
front and rear STBs

I think that is it. and the engine has been balanced to 8500rpms by the local speed shop (who also assembled the short block)

Picture can be seen here:

I appreciate your input and promise this will be the last thread of this type from me.


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Well, if I hadn't already bought my car...I'd give you $8,500 for it.

But, since no one really cares about our cars, and it's stock PI heads, and stock cams, you might get more money parting it out.
Those rims could get $500 ish, the PI swap parts alone sell for $500 easy.
Someone would buy the shortblock....maybe even me.
The Rearend you could sell easy
the brake uprgrades sell easy
Drive shaft will sell easy
Then turn it back to stock....sell the car as stock, you could make back a lot more money.
What are your plans after you sell the car? And why?

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To be honest with you, I, and I'm sure many others on here see your car as a bunch of available parts for our own cars. I don't mean to sound mean I just think that you will end up getting more money for your cars if you sell the performance parts separately. I'm sure most people on here would agree that they are more interested in building their own cars rather than buying one that is done up for the most part. Just my .02.
With that said, I am in the market for Cobra or PBR brakes. :D Please let us all know what you decide to do.

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