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Last winter, a deer in the road persuaded me to do some work on the front of my car. I went to a salvage yard to grab some parts, which came from a 1997 model. While there, I decided to get the grille emblem off it, because my car had a plain Ford emblem (probably from the trunk lid), installed by the previous owner. I kind of liked it because it was unique, but putting a proper bird back on had been in the back of my mind for a while.

Now the 1997 emblems had little translucent blue feet, which gave me an idea. I bought some cheap LED strip lighting that could be cut to fit. I then cut away some of the black plastic on the back of the emblem, behind the feet. I stuck the adhesive back of the LED strip inside the bottom of the feet cavity, and put a cover on the back.

As for the wiring, it is not the strongest stuff in the world. It is very thin and hard to strip, but I managed to run one lead to a nearby ground. I removed the bulb from a nearby marker lamp and slid the other wire inside before replacing the bulb. It only illuminates if the marker lamps or headlamps are on.

Here are the results: (sorry for the crappy cellphone pic)

During the day it is almost impossible to see. At night, it casts a very small amount of light, easily overpowered by the marker lamps (not to mention the headlamps).
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