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If you use Sylvania Zevo bulbs, I made an observation which you might find helpful.

Already several weeks ago, one of my sockets broke (one of the terminals literally just fell out when I was changing the bulb). I went to Pep Boys and bought a new Dorman Ford socket.

Only yesterday I realized - silly me I guess - that 3157 sockets come in different lengths, i.e., the depth to which the bulb enters the housing.
I had always wondered why my right Zevo (with the new socket) lights up better.

The good thing is: if you use these bulbs, you don't need to buy new sockets. My '97 actually came with short sockets in the inboard parking lights and longer sockets in the corners/turn signals. The difference is about 1/4 of an inch.
Simply swap them! The inboard lights (with Zevos) will light up much better; the corners (with conventional bulbs) light up just as well, with no noticeable difference. I have not tried this with Zevos in the corners.

For illustration, see the picture below. The driver side uses the factory (short) socket; the passenger side uses the longer socket like you find in the turn signals. Note how the passenger side uses almost the entire reflector whereas the driver side has lots of dark spots.
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