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Hey guys,

My T-Bird was backed into and I need to have my hood and front bumper replaced. I was hopeing to upgrade to the Legendary Cowl Hood, and maybe a 97 nose, but I had a few questions befoere I dish out the dough.

1. Will it fit? I herd that the cowl will hit the windshield... and you have to have it installed differently than a stock hood.

1a. Any suggestions as to where to order it from? looken for a good price and im in CA.

2. Will the 97 nose fit on a 94 body with out modification?

Thanks a bunch

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to install a 97 bumper cover you'll need a 97 support foam. as long as you are getting a 97 bumper and hood, you'll want 97 lights.

bumper cover
headlight mount
turn signals
hood latch

not sure about the hood, some mount using the stock llocation, other you need to install pins.
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