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Lincoln MKVII 5.0 HO - questions

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Hi guys!
I've recently acquired a donor engine/trans from an '89 Lincoln MkVII, which I would like to use for a hot rod application, in a '56, 1/2 ton P/U truck. Somewhere, I read that the 5.0 HO's installed in the Lincolns are somewhat different from those installed in the Mustangs/T-birds/Cougars, of similar vintage. Is this correct? If so, are the differences limited to the intake or heads or something along those lines?

I will also be taking the ECU and complete engine wiring harness from this car, and I'm hoping this will simplify the transition from the car to the truck. Am I making an incorrect assumption here?

Any comments or suggestions are welcome and I thank all for the valuable input.

Happy Holidays to all of you!

Norman C
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By 1989, the 5.0 HO in the Mark VII (as long as it was an LSC) was the same longblock as in a Mustang. Only differences would be in the accessory drive, since the Mark used the older style alternator, and the wiring harness and EEC-IV module. But the Mk VII would still have been the older speed-density engine management system, rather than the MAF system used on the Mustang by 1989. There are some other oddities to the Mk VII EEC system, IIRC.

You may want to consider using just the engine itself from the Lincoln, and then getting the wiring, sensors, and EEC module from an 89 - 93 Mustang, to simplify things.

Ed N.
Mark VII never got the MAF system, even in California. The early ones (up to 89 I think) also have the cruise control system amplifier built in as part of the EEC function ... so they are going to have a weird pinout probably.

As suggested, the Lincoln engine, with an 89 - 93 Mustang EEC system, is likely the best route to go.

Ed N.
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