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If you're NA....

Oc3digital said:
Will using LMAF require a new SUPERCHIP-or re-flash chip? I may have a bad MAF and can't see buying a stock MAF when I might be able to get by with a LMAF until I get a flash .
current theory is go with a Mustang GT MAF - you'll use
a larger percentage of the Tranfer Function and the
metered info should be a bit more accurate.

Nothing wrong with the LMAF, it's just programmed for a
wider range of air flow. You might be able to get a 'Stang
MAF on one of their sites from someone who's doing an

You'll need a reflash or new chip depending what you have
currently. Contact Dennis Reinhart at:

Simply put - it's basically the only one used by members
of this board - with a few exceptions, of course.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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