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Well strike three happened today with my bird......heater hose blew. But I dont know witch one yet, im hopeing its not the one that goes under the intake. It made worry when I looked in my mirror and all I saw was smoke and the van who WAS behind me was like 1/2 mile behind me now. So come to a stop, shut down the ole gal, and got out to investigate. Look....Look.....nothing I could see off hand other than it was comming from about the heater hoses.. I had only my knife and vise-grips....cut a hose and re-routed it. It got me home but lost some of the water I just put in it..

Strike two and strike one were earlier in the week I think like on tuesday but im not worried about that detail........
I'm heading up towards Grand Rapids.........crusing at 73........go to get off at the exit I need........go around the curve and notice the rear end feels like its on ice. Come to a stop to find the rear driver tire is like a pancake, flat!... Great! Ok, get off the road out of the way...... Done! Remove all my asorted junk out, pull the spare, jack up the car some, and go to get the tire iron..... Not there! Ok, I'm upset now. Start looking at the tire, came to a final junk from it being flat and me driving on it un-aware. Ok, going to drive to discount tire.
Get back on the road. Come up to a red light that turns green. SWEET! Push the gas pedal and get a half second of acceleration then nothing. Throttle cable broke....... Stop again only on the side of the road this time. Ok.... I can make this work. (by the way, zip tie were my best friend) Zip tied the throttle open enought so the car can propell itself. Discount tire, here I come!

Made it. They put on my spare tire.... Ok, one step better. Back to the road, this time with the salvage yard next stop. No problems, just slow going. Get there and go out back... Found a cable, pulled it out, found a decent tire, went in to out to the car and that cable was on instantly. Went to a gas station and had the tire mounted

Now with the hose bursting today, I parked the car and went and bought a beater 2wd F150. Now the plan with the bird.........keep it parked for now and save cash for it. I would still like to take it over to Milan raceway in May and see what it runs stock, the way she is now

The start of either June or July (haven't decided) the car is getting tore down to a shell and being rebuilt. Moter could use new seals to start with, maybe with pi heads if I find some. I would like to trade the oh so wonderful aod for a M5R2..... Bump up to at least 3.27's. Paint. Rebuild the suspension and thats my plan so far. I think its a good start for only thinking of it today. Also, since I don't need it for a daily driver no more, I can take my time, do it right and the way I want.....and if it needs to sit for a month or so, it wont hurt anything, I got plenty of places it can be stored if need be. I have too much work into it and cash just to part with it.....and the body is decent yet since the car came from Mississippi. (my worst and only rust is up by the moon roof) so I have something solid to start with......

Wow, this took longer than I thought it would to type, but then again, i'm on my phone. Its been an interesting week.... I'm going to get to bed, everyome have a good night, or day depending on when you read this. Chat to ya'll later
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