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looking at a 93 lx

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looking at a 93 lx and am wondering how hard it is to mod it? are aftermarket parts as easy to come by as say a mustang 5.0? or different engines alltogether?...sorry this is a newbie question but this 93 has 44k miles and they want 3999 for it...if its easy to mod ill jump on it :)
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Well, at least I got a modding buddy now. I have a 93 lx 5.0

From what I found soo far its not too hard at all to get stuff for these cars. (93s are actually my favorite year. All ya gotta do is search around and keep your eyes peeled for stuff. You may have to do a little bit of customizing and fabricating, but hey, thats the same with most cars. All you have to do is keep your heart in it and the results will be fabulous.
1 problem about the car...its that ucky green color...that some hondas come almost a minty green...BLEH! ill paint it right away if i end up buying it :)
93s don't have forged pistons like the 91 and 92s do... if you plan on doing major mods to it, then you might want to look into a 92 model, because those don't have the funky 91 gastank.

But yea.. you can use 5.0 Mustang parts, except headers and exhaust.
yeah, this 302 project I've got is a dream... you can use practicaly every aftermarket mustang part around! And on top of that, the insurance is cheap, the title is in my safe, and body parts are cheap too! (well.... compared to bmw and lexus :) )
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