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Recently purchased 90 SC 5 speed, have intake set up from SCP waiting to bolt on (3" SCP intake w/ 9" K&N, 70mm BBK TB, 70mm MAF, and a 10% steel blower pulley, also picked up a pair of stock exhaust manifolds which I planned to get ported and installed with an exhaust)

Keep hearing about the restrictive exhaust so I won't be putting anything on until I'm sure what goes in can also get out (and hopefully not though the head gasket) With that being said, any suggestions as to what set up I could run, trying not to break the bank but could probably afford about 600 for the entire set up. Looked at cat back systems but I'd really like to get something that will bolt up to the ported headers I'll be working with.

Some ideas I had:

In my dreams I see dual 2.5" high flow cats Y'ed to a 3" SI/ 2.5" DO resonator to two 2.5" Borlas but we can all dream right?

Ya'll think it's cheaper to buy the cats, resonator, mufflers and let a shop supply pipe/bending or should I buy some of the random pipe set ups like the magnaflow cat back found on ebay and let them modify it to fit?

Most of this will probably not happen until summer anyway but I'd like to know ahead of time since I keep finding mixed reviews...
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