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Straight fron the '97 Ford literature.


The front suspension is a long spindle, short and long arm design. The design consists of:

short upperfront suspension arm bushing joint (3085).

longfront suspension lower arm strut (3468).

front shock absorber (18124).

front coil spring (5310).

front stabilizer bar (5482),lower suspension arm stabilizer bar insulator (5493), andstabilizer bar link (5K484).
Shock Absorber

The front shock absorber (18124) is part of the front shock absorber and spring assembly and requires disassembly of the front suspension in order to replace.

The front shock absorbers provide motion and force and damping between the sprung and unsprung masses of the vehicle when traveling over irregular road surfaces.

The front shock absorber consists of a twin tube gas-pressurized structure providing damping in both the rebound (UP) and compression (DOWN) directions. This damping is accomplished by driving a dual (rebound and compression) acting piston through a fluid environment. The motion resistant forces are controlled by a velocity sensitive variable orifice piston assembly within the front shock absorber.
Front shock absorber (18124), front coil spring (5310) and front shock absorber mounting bracket (18183) may be replaced individually. It is not necessary to replace front shock absorbers in pairs.

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… etc ... Pressing the old one out through the top was easy enough, but pressing this one in from the bottom? OH S***!!!

I have no idea what to do. The Press isn't wide enough to get enough bearings in it to make it work from the top, and I have NO WAY of getting this car 4 feet off of the ground!!

What am I gonna do !!?? This sux!!!
I know this is old, but I was just reading other's experiences, and read this, and wondered what in the HEdoubleL did the poster push up through the LCA. :D
My guess is he just pushed the guts and old ball out of the bottom of the socket half leaving the socket half still in the LCA, no way that was gonna work. Also, stacking those "bearings" he mentions … SLEEVEs they are … ;)
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