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5w30 Guzzler
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is it beneficial to have the lowspeed fan running all the time? or is the drain electrically gonna make the engine work a little overtime and so it'd be a bad idea?

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Back when the J-Man was...

burning chips he had to use an EEC out of a Lincoln Town car
reburned for what I needed as a temporary fix.

He warned me, however, that there would be one unwanted
glitch in the setup and that was that my low speed fan would
be on all the time. He told me it would be no problem but
if had been the high speed fan that it would eventually give
out as it was not capable of running full time day after day.
I had that EEC in my car for over two months, before we changed
it out with the "right" one. As usual, he was right. My low
speed fan experienced no problems and is still running fine,
as is the 'Bird.
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