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1st-2nd Gear Assembly M5R2

Before reassembly inspect all parts for signs of wear or damage.
Replace parts as needed.

The Countershaft detailed instructions are HERE.

Slide 2nd gear needle bearing over the countershaft.

Next slide 2nd gear over needle bearing.

Next install the rest of the gear cluster as shown.

Next install 1st gear needle bearing and sleeve over countershaft.

Slide 1st gear over needle bearing as shown.

Then to finish the assembly of the 1-2 gear assembly press on a new
bearing as shown below.

Snap ring location in gear.

During assembly of the 1-2 slider be sure the reference mark faces
1st gear.

The short side of the slider ring faces 2nd gear.

The key fits in the hub as shown before the slider ring is installed.
Inspect the key for any damage and replace if needed.

Align the slider ring with the gear keyway as shown.

1-2 slider installed.

Using a 1.75" muffler pipe from Autozone will provide a cheap tool
to press the new bearing onto the countershaft.

MN12 Performance Inc.
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