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weswing04 said:
anyone have/heard these on a 4.6L? Im really thinking about getting one..dual 2.5" inlet, single 3" outlet, ran to the back and split to dual 3" dia, 22" long magnaflow tips.. but i've never heard those mufflers. anyone know about them?

Wes -

I have two 4 X 9" SS Oval Mags on my TD system with X and they sound really
great - not super harsh race loud, but nice deep rumble etc. JL and I have talked
about Mags in general and he's used a lot of different ones in the past. We agree
that, for the money, they are as well a made muffler as we've seen, and those of
us on this board that have various Mags on our 'Birds all have been pleased with
the way they sound.

I don't have the XL "three chamber" version, but really don't need it, if they're
any quieter than than ones I have which, as mentioned, have great tone and
rumble, but are not killer harsh in excessive volume.

If you want to go with a single... dual in/ single out, I'd take a look at their universal
mufflers in that configuration....the sizes they offer in the XL line seem a bit small.....
the rule of thumb being - the larger and longer the can, the deeper and looser the
tone (more or less)......I'm not sure where you plan to put yours, but fit the biggest
you can w/o causing problems......

I think you could end up with a nice setup, I'd be curious to hear how it sounds.

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Actually JL recommended those to me...i just had never seen anything on them, so i thought i'd ask :)

I love the flowmaster sound, but I want something that flows well, and he said the XL 3chamber would be good for me.

I want the 4x9 oval dual 2.5" inlets, single 3" outlet. It would be mounted midbody...lil further back than resonator location..then 3" pipe ran to the back and split to 2.5" duals with 3" dia 18" long magnaflow SS tips.

i dont want it to be LOUD, but i wanna be able to hear it while im driving (not droning of course), and from what i was reading on magnaflow's site..the universal ones are only 1db louder than stock, or so. I think i want it louder than that...

Do you know if the xl 3chamber ones are louder than the universal ones? I think they would be, not having the packing, etc.

sorry for being long..

High-Mileage 4.6L Thrasher
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