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-Making Your Own 60mmTB-by LX2SC on 94 Tbird 3.8
should be the same principals for all 3.8 years.

-Req'd Materials-
1.Mustang Throttle Body (I used one off a 93')
2.Mustang TPS off the exact car.(Again 93' Mustang)
3.Your IAC will do just fine.
4.Self Tapping Screws
5.Locking Washer and Thread Lock
6.May need New gasket but its the same one for your car.
You may want to have an extra of your stock throttle body in case you mess up.

Now in the picture above I have circled the piece you are going to remove both from your stock throttle body and also the mustang throttle body. I used a dremel tool to sand this piece off it is the only part that is actually hold the linkage to the shaft of the throttle body try not to damage the throttle linkage surface a little is ok.( I found that using a larger size drill bit will also work to remove this dont go to far)

Now after you have sanded it completley off for the most part try wiggleing it see if the throttle linkage is loose it should be the only thing its sitting on is the rectaglular top of the shaft that just keeps it form rotating when your pressing the throttle.

Repeat Above Steps On The Mustang TB

Now that you have both throttle shafts free from their linkages place the mustang throttle shaft in a bench vice( You can use your stock shaft to practice your not going to be needing it anymore) Now as above mentioned you need self taping screws find some that are 1/2" long and 3/16" diameter. I would use a slightly smaller drill bit first just to get the hole made in the top of the throttle shaft (Where you just removed the throttle linkage) make sure its staright and drill it down just a little bit further than your self-tapping screwing are going to reach. Once you have your hole made while still in the vise work one of your self-tapping scress in there by drill or by hand take it slow cause these have a tendency to break just work it in a little then back it out take your time.

After you have the tapping screw completely in as far as it can go you can set that aside for now. Time to slight modify the linkage in the picture below is that part your going to modify. Just use a dremel tool and sand it down a bit not to much cause you dont want to break it off when you go WOT.

Now Your ready to the linkage on the mustang throttle shaft unscrew the self-taping screw you have in there and place the linkage on the shaft make sure the linkage is in the same position as stock with the stopper (as pictured above) at the bottom and the open part of the throttle shaft in the middle (where you put the throttle plate is facing left. So in other words if you had the throttle plate on you can see the heads of the screws from the left side. after you have that in the correct placeput some thread locker in the hole then place a locking washer over the self-tapping screw and tighten it up. Now put the whole piece you have just made into the mustang throttle body align the inside so you can attach the throttle plate screw the throttle plate firmly into place.

Now your thinking what the heck it dosent open all the way Yeah I know heres how you fix that the stopper on the mustang throttle body is going to be cut first I reinforced it with some stronger metal and used self-tapping screws to hold it in place now find a saw that has the same or a little more width the stopper on the stock throttle body. Turn the throttle linkage and see where it hits on the stopper mark it and start sawing your going to go pretty much all the way to the top of where the old stopper on the stang so I ended cuttin it all the way off and putt a piece of the new hardened metal right on the side of it (as you see in the pic below and its held up great your going to know where the stopper must stop at when if you look inside the throttle plate is perfectly flat paralell to the bottom (Pictured Below)

Now after you have that done take your old throttle body or you gasket to it and scribe where the holes are onto the mustang throttle body make sure they are as close as possible to being center but any minor mistakes will be taken care of when you port match your upper intake to it. Next drill your four holes into the throttle body backing Your almost done after you have drilled your holes try placing the new throttle body on the upper intake Yeah I know there are some clearance issues just mark on the new throttle body where the bottom of your upper intake is and take a hacksaw and cut it off there fixed that now you may have some trouble getting the lower bolts on the way I fixed by sanding down the pieces in the way not really needed though. And also you will be reusing your old gasket if its not ruined youll just make the hole larger for the new throttle body.

Now you have the throttle body on and as you see to the left of it over by the TPS Sensor is a tube sticking out this tube must be closed unless you use it like I did there was as tube that ran into the throttle body tube that I thought Kinda stuck into the tube and maybe disrupted airflow so I rerouted it with proper tube you can get at many auto part stores and hooked it up which you see below.

Now for the TPS you can either splice the wires directly or get a TPS connector from the junkyard and connect but if you connect them directly these are the wires you should connect togeter.
Green------>Grey with white stripe
Orange----->Brown with white stripe
Black--------->light brown with pink stripe
Connect these wires together as show and also would be a good time for you to modify and adjust your TPS to .98 volts. I also polished the inside throttle body up a bit.

As for your IAC it just bolts back on there may be things I forgot just wrote all this from my head.

Justin LX2SC

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Yeah. I need to print it out.
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