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Hello, I have seen all the options for brake upgrades for the 95 lx tbird, and i'm going with a lincoln mark brake upgrade. The others are too expensive, and I don't need 13'' brakes right now anyway. So, here's my shopping list to convert my 95 to sport specs. Does anyone have any additions? or tips would be helpful too.

2 Bendix Loaded Calipers (includes remanufactured calipers, bendix brake linings, caliper mounts)

2 KVR Crossdrilled Rotors


2 New brake hoses (will i want lincoln hoses or tbird hoses)

I have 16'' wheels on the car, so clearance will not be an issue, also I plan on bleeding the whole system replacing the old stuff with dot4 spec fluid.

My main questions are, what year lincoln mark 8 should I get calipers/rotors for or does it not matter? Also, the guy at autozone wants to know if the car has ABS or not, and I assume I would want the one without abs, because i don't have it.
Also, i need new brake hoses anyway, so will i want tbird hoses, or mark hoses?


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GreenBird said:
Don't ALL mark8s have ABS?
All Marks have ABS.As far as I know the Mark VIIs do because they had the same system as the Turbo Coupe and I know the Mark VIIIs do because I had one.
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