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I'm pretty sure these won't fit Thunderbird seats.. so this will be for Mark8 owners.. I was gonna list this at as well, but apparently I never did register.. and they have some 48-hour wait business after registration.

These are front seat covers, gray leather, out of a 97/8 Mark VIII LSC, heated seats. I did not grab the covers for the headrests. I took separate photos of the wear spots on the drivers seat. The felt/cloth side is the inside of the seat, against the trans tunnel. I've cleaned what I could, and applied Lexol to the covers.

RH Seat Lower -
RH Seat Upper -
LH Seat Upper -
LH Seat Lower -
LH Upper Wear -
LH Lower Wear -

Trans Tunnel Sides:

Asking $100 plus shipping. Shipping could be pricey as I'm thinking about doing two boxes, one for each set.. UPS/Fedex show at least $75 to ship.
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